Did you know you can use colour in your home to evoke different feelings? So, whether you want to introduce bright energetic colours or cool calming colours, read on for some fabulous ideas to inspire you.

Blissful Blue

Blues that represent the ocean are set to be a big trend for Summer 2021. This blissful blue shade promotes tranquillity and dissolves tension. Introducing this colour to your home will help soothe any discord. This beautiful Ilinizas Violet Roman Blind, from the Voyage Maison collection, is available from Blinds 2go (made to measure from £35.85).

Pretty in Pink

Pink, of course, is associated with love and romance. Using this colour in your home can promote tenderness and understanding.  We love this gorgeous Tretton Deluxe Pink Bed from MY Furniture (from £449.99) with its velvet wraparound headboard and brushed brass legs.

Nourishing Green

Green is associated with plants and foliage. By its very nature, this colour can help nourish the soul and rejuvenate your wellbeing. This gorgeous green bathroom from Matki certainly has a refreshing vibe. It features their Matki-ONE Wet Room Panel with Ceiling Brace Bar. But if you don’t want to go the whole hog with green in your bathroom, you could introduce some green plant pots or towels. 

Warm Red

This shade of red inspires passion. It can also help you release emotional blocks. If you’re not sure about using this colour in large swathes, incorporate it in a more subtle way with this Warm Silk Pleated Lampshade in Red from Oka (from £150).

Light Wood

Natural elements incorporated into an interior scheme bring in a feel of the outdoors. Light woods are perfect for keeping your interiors light and neutral. Combine light wood with other natural elements such as wool, sheepskin or jute. This stunning Metropolitan Aspen Wooden Blind is available from Blinds 2go (made to measure from £24.10).

Sunny Yellow

You can’t beat yellow for adding a sunshine vibe to your home. Yellow is also known for helping to increase focus and creativity. This cute Lola Oyster Mustard Yellow Chair from MY Furniture (from £119.99) has a wonderful retro feel.

Deep Blue

A darker shade of blue helps to clarify your thinking and encourages decisiveness. We love this beautiful Night Swimming wallpaper in Lido Blue designed by Rosco Brittin. Available from £140 a roll.

Zesty Orange

There are many shades of orange from a more subtle dusty orange to a vibrant bright orange. Orange can bring a zesty energy to your interiors. It can also fit quite neatly into the Escape to the Desert trend, which is set to be hot this summer. We love these cushions from Amara. Their Vivaraise Tahis Cushion in Marmalade is available from £44.

Author: Sara Chardin


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