As spring makes a welcome experience, we think it also provides a great excuse for a good old-fashioned spring clean. After all, there’s not a lot else to do in lockdown!

Read on for some of our top spring-cleaning tips.

Sprucing up blinds

Have your blinds been hanging at your windows for ages, gathering plenty of dust? We love these tips from Blinds 2go to give you easy ways to clean your blinds. Depending on the type of blind, you’ll need no more than a vacuum cleaner, a damp cloth or feather duster.

Image – Kentia Linen Leaf Roman Blinds from Blinds 2go

Sparkling shower screens

Does your shower screen often look a bit murky even though you regularly clean it? This is likely due to the residue from hard water or soap scum. Real Homes has got some great tips, which include the use of vinegar and lemons to make your screens shine. We also find using a squeegee after every shower helps keep your shower screen free of marks, making your cleaning job much easier in the long run.

Image – Matki Boutique Panel

Clean machines

Do you find your washing machine smells sometimes? We’ve found this easy to follow guide from Good Housekeeping to help you make your machine clean. Some of their recommendations include regularly cleaning of the detergent drawer, running a hot wash every month and wiping the drum seal with a solution of diluted bleach. All good tips, we’re certainly going to take on board.

Image – Spa Indulgence Cupro Towels from The White Company

Stain removal

If you’ve had an accidental spillage of wine or food on your rug, Rugs Direct has come up with some fantastic, and even better, non-toxic, methods to remove stains. Some of the more unusual methods include the use of beer or shaving cream! 

Image – Verdell Rug from MY Furniture

Refresh your plugholes

Have you ever noticed an unpleasant odour creeping up from your plugholes? We’ve discovered Drain Maintain Enzyme Sticks from Lakeland are an easy way to prevent bad smells and blockages. Stick one of the sticks down the plughole each month and leave it there to eat through grease, food or soapy residue to help your drains flow freely and reduce horrible smells.

Image – Swadling Brassware Illustrious

Remove hard-water marks and deposits

Vinegar is your best friend with these fabulous tips from Real Homes to remove those really annoying marks and deposits around the kitchen and bathroom, especially if you’re in a hard-water area. We love the fact their tips mostly use natural cleaning products.

Image – Matki-ONE Wet Room Panel with Ceiling Brace Bar

Say goodbye to dust

We love the brilliant list from Poppins for clever tricks to help you clean your home like a professional. They suggest using a microfibre cloth to clean your skirting boards and canned air to get into those hard to reach places!

Image – Trio White Chest of Drawers from MY Furniture

Rejuvenate your bathroom

Cleaning up your grout is one of the easiest ways to help your bathroom look like new again. Good Housekeeping has some handy hacks up their sleeves including mixing up a paste of bicarbonate of soda and water and combining it with a spray of vinegar. 

Image – Swadling Brassware Invincible Wall Mounted Taps

Make your kitchen shine

Real Homes describe their kitchen clean tips as life saving. We’re not sure we’d go quite that far, but they will certainly make it shine. Whether you want to make cloudy glasses sparkle again or discover how to clean your oven without toxic chemicals.

Image – @vintique_homeware 

Clean up your homeworking space

Particularly relevant for lockdown we feel. Have you noticed your laptop screen getting smeary or biscuit crumbs loitering in your keyboard? House Beautiful has a great list of budget cleaning hacks. They include using a damp toothbrush to clean your keyboard and coffee filters to clean computer (or TV) screens.

Image – @sophieshome.30 featuring Margonia Chair in Dove Grey from MY Furniture 


Author:  Sara Chardin

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