British screen printer and camouflage artist Rosco Brittin releases a line of wallpapers using his distinctive imagery to create detailed wall hangings of carousel planets, bumblebee pilots and inkblot worlds.

Rosco Brittin renowned for using vintage wallpapers and fabric-cut offs to create his popular limited edition artwork, brings to life his dream of making wallpapers in which the viewer can lose themselves, using a combination of his botanical prints, hand drawn details and screen prints.

Growing up in the 70’s & 80’s in my parent’s Kings Cross Video shop gave me the opportunity to explore every movie made, from the now cult classics to the low budget gems. This childhood made a huge impact on my art and inspires me to create images that look beautifully simplistic at first glance but invite you to a closer look and feel lured into new worlds. I wanted to create wall hangings that have a classic aesthetic of damasks and crests but on second glance, revealed new dimensions of enchantment. Wallpapers where the bounds of fantasy and imagination meet the eye

Rosco Brittins’ collection opens with 3 designs in 10 colour ways.

Nowhere Special
The best selling Nowhere Special design brings grandeur with its Royal Crest-like pattern, but look a little deeper to see pirate goldfish, butterfly deliverymen and botanical parrots. The 4 colour ways have something for everyone from the smooth tones of Peaches and Endor green to the punchier Soot and Rio.

Volto Flora
Volto Flora is a textured deep pastel inkblot design intertwined with florals. Hydrangeas, Roses, Iris’s and Ivy grow unseen from the original screen print in a ghost-like way. The 4 spring fresh colour ways of this pattern are easy to use in all areas.

Night Swimming
Reworked from a long sold one-off monoprint. Night swimming was created to bring back memories of family holidays in hotel pools, sunset beach swims and cannonball splashes with brothers and sisters in the evening heat. The 2 colours ways of Lido and Parasol brings a mid-century modern feel.

Rolls start at £140.00 measuring 52cm x 10 metres.
For free A4 samples visit

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