Ethical living is the principal value of Weaver Green. Their genuine commitment to sustainability is at the core of the business with their entire range of products made from recycled plastic bottles which would otherwise go into landfill or littering the oceans. They are also committed to championing artisanal weaving methods, creating a range of products that have the feel of wool, yet are water and mould- resistant and hardwearing enough to be used outside as well as in.

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

The latest collection of gorgeously soft and colourful new rugs, all hand-woven using kilim weaves are made entirely from recycled plastic (PET) yarn. To help secure a future for this beautiful dying craft, Weaver Green uses 25 looms to make these traditional hand-woven kilim designs. It celebrates artisan skills, supports hand-weavers and protects traditional techniques. While its innovative yarn technology increases practicality, and tells a real sustainability story.

Colourful Kilim Weaves

New for 2023, Weaver Green’s Heraldic collection showcases a bold diamond print, which takes inspiration from the legend of King Arthur. These bright and uplifting rugs offer the perfect way to add some colour and joy into the home or garden. Three different colourways feature a classic design: Heraldic Galahad includes cool shades of blue and green; Heraldic Gwynevere features warm tones of gold, pink and red and Heraldic Lancelot has a majestic denim blue and bright red print. The Heraldic collection is available in six different sizes, priced from £155.

These brilliant statement rugs work well in high traffic areas, including kitchens, hallways and patios. Useful inside and out, they are stain-, mould- and water- resistant and if they do get a little grubby, they are fully machine washable. As well as gracing floors and patios, these rugs can be used as wall hangings and work just as well in traditional settings as they do in modern interiors to improve room acoustics.

Child and Pet-Friendly

Suitable for both indoors and outside, all of Weaver Green’s rugs are child- and pet-friendly. Their cosy underfoot feel is as soft as wool, claw-resistant and uninteresting to moths and mites, which is great news for allergy sufferers.

To complement the look, Weaver Green has a wide-ranging collection of cushions, throws, footstools and floor cushions.

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