The relationship between copper and humanity stretches back to prehistoric times and into the future, as it enables renewable energy technologies, electric vehicles and consumer electronics.  Since the discovery of electric current, copper has been used in almost all fields including interiors.

Copper cool is a gorgeous look which works perfectly alongside pared back materials such as wood, brick and tiles to create a rustic look. On the other hand, copper accents will also really pop against bold colours and create a design that radiates luxury and sophistication. No matter the space, this stunning material’s reflective quality will bounce light around the room to create a warm atmosphere that’s instantly welcoming and utterly on trend.


There are a plethora of kitchen accessories available across a number of home retailers, but if you’re looking for a subtle way to inject this look into your home, copper pendant lights are the perfect solution. With their strong geometric shapes and pared back design, they can create a bold statement that breathes new life into the copper trend. For those with more traditional taste, industrial or nautical style pendant lights are a good option.



Alternatively you could opt for more decorative items such as this unusual copper skull, copper mirrored bin or copper edged contemporary mirror.



You can even take this trend into the bedroom with a copper dormitory style bed. This gleaming bed will create a bold, unforgettable design feature, and combines highly polished copper finish which works perfectly to create a nautical look.


It seems our love affair with the red metal is not likely to end any time soon, particularly when it comes to interiors!

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