Mirrored wall tiles are a terrific decorating resource that will add a wow factor as well as the feeling of added light and space to your decor.

Bubble Tiles


Ideal for those who have a small space such as an ensuite room that seems cramped and uninviting, forget the wallpaper and take a look at the fantastic range of options in mirrored tiles. Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens too, when guests enter the room, the space will look twice its size.

Square Tiles

A narrow hallway can also be opened up with a full-length mirror tile wall.  Mirror walls give a room a focal point and just as it highlights a room’s best feature, it distracts from any unpleasant features a room may have A reflection built to suit a specific room is just a sure fire method to bring a wow factor to any room.

Mirror tiles have the potential to inspire more prosperity, reflect beautiful views and invite the outside in. They also have a clever ability to bounce light around a room and to enhance the feeling of space.  In the same way that interior designers encourage us to hang oversize mirrors to make rooms feel larger, reflective tiles will allow light to refract around the room, as well as making the room feel larger by mirroring your surroundings.


Available in a wide range of styles from www.my-furniture.com Prices start at £60.00/m2.

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